The team at Omicelo knew there needed to be a better way for renters to make sure they're protected from any wrongdoing by their landlords and be able to get advice from real people. Currently, renters don't have a good way to protect themselves from landlords who are inattentive, negligent, or who try to take advantage of them. But if they had a way to document all evidence on their side and talk directly with experts, both sides could feel better about not being taken advantage of.


I used Omicelo's functional spec to guide development of a design language. I then built out the platform's visual design across iOS and web.




iOS & responsive web



The team at Omicelo came to me having already put together a set of wireframes dictating how they wanted the RentRef app to work. After making some recommendations about optimizations they could make to the navigation and feature set, my main task was designing the UI for the app based on the wireframes.

I drew inspiration for the design by putting together a mood board of visual elements that evoked the same feelings I thought the app should evoke: dark interface elements conveyed a sense of trust, reliability, and prestige, while smooth curves and thin lines felt like a more premium experience. Because users are trusting RentRef to handle legal issues for them, it was important for the app to convey these same feelings.


Based on how I wanted the app to feel, I designed a visual language of colors, fonts, and interface elements. I applied this visual design language to a handful of the app's key screens, which I presented to the Omicelo team. 



With the Omicelo team happy with the design direction, we moved ahead with designing the full app. At the same time, while conducting user research, the team found that their users wanted a more refined experience that really focused on the aspect of the app that let users get expert advice from a real human. So while I designed the app, I also helped the Omicelo team iterate on how the new version of the app should work.

They also found that their users wanted a way to interact with them on the web without downloading a native mobile app. So I designed them a website that served two purposes: to pitch users on the value of RentRef, and to make it super easy for them to submit questions to RentRef for expert advice.

"Cooper is incredibly talented, professional and flexible. We would highly recommend working with him and we will be working with him again in the future. His guidance and insight helped our company look at our product from a user's perspective, which drastically improved the flow of our platform and how users engaged with us."
- Steven Welles, Co-founder of Omicelo